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Our professional mechanics in West Auckland offer a wide range of services

Looking for expert mechanical and electrical engineers in Auckland?

From the bonnet to the boot, our mechanics in Glen Eden, Auckland will have your car in top shape. Whether you require a full service, WOF, automotive electrical work or even an engine change, our mechanics will be able to assist you. Contact our Auckland-based workshop today to arrange a quote or estimate.

General mechanical work

At United Motors Mechanical Repairs we offer a vast range of general mechanical work to fix all the problems a car might face in its lifetime. Our mechanics have plenty of hands on experience to tackle all problems cars face. These are some of the services United Motors Mechanical Repairs offers, for more information feel free to call us and speak to our friendly staff!
• New and second hand tyres (fitting and balancing included)
• We provide free quotation (WINZ quote)
WOF ($25)
• Clutch repairs
• Service brake and replace brake pads
• Cam belts & alternator belt
• Water pumps
• Puncture repairs
• Radiators
• Steering & Suspensions
Shock absorbers
• Gear box
• Transmission services
• Engine replacement
• CV joints & boots

Full Service

There's nothing basic about the basic auto service provide by Auckland's United Motors Mechanical. Our mechanics believe that routine maintenance should involve checking every part of your car thoroughly. 

Our full service starts by flushing the old engine oil and our mechanics replace it with only the best engine oil. We change the existing oil filter with a brand new filter. We then begin our extensive search of the entire car by:

  • Checking the condition of brakes, hoses, pads, shoes and lines and top up fluids if required
  • Checking steering components and topping up oil if necessary
  • Checking of suspension components for security
  • Visually check CV boots and joints and check oil level in transmission and top up if required
  • Checking all fluid levels under bonnet and topping up if required
  • Checking condition of air cleaner element, if its dirty we will clean it
  • Inspecting drive belts (excluding cam belt) adjust need be
  • Checking operation of lights, horns and indicators
  • Checking of battery and top up battery acid if required
  • Checking operation of washers, condition of wiper blades and windscreen
  • Check tyres for uneven wear, tyre threat death and tyre pressure
We believe in car safety and the safety of our customer, so we go out of our way to ensure that our customers will be safe, secure and happy. All of this is done for a very affordable price and it won’t hurt your pocket too much.

Automotive Electrical Work

If your car has electrical problems our experienced Automotive Electrician will fix your problem for you. He has over 18 years of experience in the automotive electrical field. We offer full electrical work on a car, some of the services are:

  • Diagnostic scan
  • Fixing a starter motor
  • Alternator work
  • Alarm fitting
  • Fitting and fixing central locking system
  • General wiring
  • Fitting of speakers and audio
For more information on all the services we offer and any other inquiry, feel free to contact our friendly staff!
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